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What others say about Volume 1

Rob Skiba

Researcher, public speaker and author of, Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last and Archon Invasion: The Rise Fall and Return of the Nephilim


I've said it many times, to many people: Leonard Ulrich's film, NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1 is a 'Must see!' The film starts off with 'Three Big Ideas,' which are given as: 1) Most of the evil in this world is highly coordinated, and is fulfilling Biblical prophecy to the letter. 2) Historical and current events are being influenced by evil to make the appearance of the Antichrist highly probable within a generation. 3) Though the world is not yet in an Apocalyptic state, the forces of evil affect us all now, and must be resisted like never before.


From these three premises, Leonard proceeds to elaborate on each in a concise way, putting many pieces of the puzzle together for any serious student of history, prophecy and current events. He takes us through the origins of the Illuminati and expertly weaves news reports, and other mainstream media clips together with his own narrative to tell a story that, as I stated in chapter 7 of my book, Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last, 'I believe everyone in America needs to see...' Why? Because this film reveals how we are being controlled by the New World Order in nearly every area of our lives.


It reveals the origin of the Federal Reserve and shows how nearly every war has been financed - on both sides - by the same people for over a century now. It reveals diabolical plans of the Elite to sacrifice countless lives in order to advance their Luciferian agendas. In many ways, it seems no topic has escaped Leonard's attention as he expertly 'connects the dots' for us regarding secret societies, Political Zionism, the Military Industrial Complex and the continual use of the Hegelian Dialectic to control the masses though intimidation, fear and trauma-based mind control via the mainstream media.


Regarding the latter, the viewer would be wise to note the faked news reports, which have consistently steered us into blindly supporting un-Constitutional wars and unwittingly advancing the New World Order and its consistent efforts to enslave us to a Luciferian system that was prophesied about thousands of years ago. Keep all of this in mind as you watch the section on 9/11. That one event alone has plunged us into a never ending 'War on Terror' all based on lies. That's right... lies. Lies that ultimately go all the way back to ancient Babylon.


Biblically-speaking, the call of the Last Days is to 'Come out of her [Babylon] my people, so that you do not partake of her sins and receive of her plagues' (Rev. 18:4). In addition to, of course, reading your Bible, I highly recommend you watch NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1, in order to educate yourself so that you can begin that trek out of Babylon and into the truth that sets us free.

David Bay

Cutting Edge Films


This documentary is THE BEST in examining all the various forces and countries and movements in the past 225 years which have committed to the New World Order. Great for the novice who is just now being introduced to the concept of the New World Order. The student who has been studying this for a long time will also learn a great deal he/she has never thought of before. The best 'A-Z' study I have ever seen.