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The Hidden Code – Part 2

The Hidden Code – Part 2

What is above the Rotunda? To Manitobans, it's "The Golden Boy". He's a symbol of progress, especially in agriculture, which is the backbone of the provincial economy. To insiders, the Golden Boy is nothing less than Hermes Trismegistus, master of alchemy. Alchemy was the "science" of turning one thing into something else. To occultists, Hermes Trismegistus was a mortal who achieved immortality through his knowledge, passed on from the Egyptians. Occultists believe that Hermes Trismegistus "foresaw" the birth of Christ. Maybe they should have read the Bible instead. So if an alchemical master is at the top of the Rotunda, what is below it?


The pool of the Black Star is below the Rotunda. It is nothing less than a Canaanite altar. The first guidebook to the building, written in 1925 by Thomas Leslie, says: "There should be an altar here, and a priest, and the image of a god, and a victim, and a curved DSC02188knife, and a circle of white-robed worshippers around the outer edge of the Pool, and the victim should be on the altar and the curved knife should flash; the floor is stained; dull red stains are trickling through the black veins of the marble."


Yes, the Pool of the Black Star represents a sacrificial altar to the gods, through which man can achieve immortality.

Everything about this temple is Luciferian. Occultists know that one of Lucifer's properties is the mastery of sound. There are even Biblical references for this in Ezekiel 28:13 and Ephesians 2:2. Perhaps this is why the acoustics of the Pool are perfect. One can stand at the centre of the Pool and be heard all around it perfectly. There is no need for microphones, amplifiers and speakers. As soon as one moves away from the centre of the room, sound gets out of phase and echoes occur.


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  • Thank you for information you have presented in your series, I found it to be well researched and presented very well. As I’m sure you are aware times are changing quicker than ever and though I am forever greatful for the series you have made available for free on YouTube I cannot take for granted it will always be available to view. For this reason I would like to know if I could purchase all of your DVDs, also I would like to make a small donation to your up and coming new dvd. I am in the uk so please add accordingly for postage.
    Once again thank you

    David King

    September 2, 2016at12:55 am

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