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Author: Leonard Ulrich

Update on Volume 2

I sincerely thank the many people from around the world who have financially and spiritually supported this huge project. It’s been a long time in the making, but there are reasons for the delay - the least of which are health issues that come with...

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The Hidden Code – Part 3

Not only is the Manitoba Legislature satanic, it is also blasphemous. Remember that occultists do now want the power of Christ to be manifest in them through realizing that Christ died for them. Instead, occultists want the power of Christ without allegiance to Christ. This...

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The Hidden Code – Part 2

What is above the Rotunda? To Manitobans, it's "The Golden Boy". He's a symbol of progress, especially in agriculture, which is the backbone of the provincial economy. To insiders, the Golden Boy is nothing less than Hermes Trismegistus, master of alchemy. Alchemy was the "science"...

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The Hidden Code – Part 1

For thousands of years, the true ruling powers behind societies have always shown who rules the masses by encoding systems of thought, control, and even thought control into architecture, and placing it in plain sight. There is no greater example of this in my home...

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